Improving Your Profits

Management Contracts

Vine Hotels offers a compelling portfolio of
exceptional management, interim and
business recovery management services.

  • Strategy Building – Assessing and
    analysing multiple KPIs enables us to
    formulate data-driven strategic
    solutions to deliver the best needs-based
    results for a property.
  • Re-Positioning for Success – We work
    in close collaboration with brands,
    investors, lenders and property agents
    to re-launch or re-position struggling
    hotels and venues, with the aim of
    boosting their performance to
    untapped levels.
  • Addressing Underperformance
    Issues – A hotel or venue might have
    specific needs in certain areas of the
    business, for example, in sales or
    procurement. We can provide one or
    however many modular services are
    needed to address specific issues, on
    an interim or an ongoing basis, to
    maximise profitability.

Development Projects

We consult on and develop new hotel properties alongside local authorities, financial backers, fund and asset managers, investors, and property developers. Our development consultancy services can start at entry level from the initial planning stages, right up to taking care of the day to day running of the business.

  • Providing Sector Specific Insight – Having us on the team bringing a breadth of specialist knowledge and experience to the table, from concept to opening and beyond.
  • Managing Properties – We can provide full management services, or a selection of modular services to plug in-house skills gaps.

Hotel Ownership

We continue to actively expand our own Vine Hotels property portfolio.

  • Buying – Vine Hotels has the financial resources to buy freehold and leasehold properties that are 'on' or 'off' market and are particularly interested in assets that have represented some recovery or development potential.

Interim Business Recovery Management

Vine Hotels independently audit and refocus hotels and venues experiencing financial challenges.

  • Managing Back to Profit – Assessment, analytics and putting a befitting development strategy together come first. We then see the strategy through to the point when a hotel or venue is returned to profitability.
  • Leaving a Lasting Legacy – In cases of interim business recovery management, it's always the end goal to leave the existing management team with the processes in place to continue exceeding expectations.

Expert Consultation

Vine Hotels can be enlisted purely on a consultancy basis, whether a hotel or venue needs a routine health check or an entire recovery strategy. We scrutinise all strands of the business to identify blockages and set struggling properties on the road back to profitability again.

  • Probing for Problems – We go over all elements of the hotel’s operations mix with a fine-tooth comb to pinpoint where profit is being adversely impacted.
  • Working Collaboratively – We don't highlight problems, then leave hotels and venues to it. Relevant members of the Vine Hotels team work alongside them, as an extension of their inhouse team, to optimise performance.
  • Generating Sustainable Change – When our tenure is over, we leave the existing management team with an ongoing framework for success.